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Definition: a lady with 8 kids that uses them as reasons so she does not have to work. she lives off welfare, and was "blessed" by having 8 kids which in turn has increased her monthly state check. She also uses the children to her advantage to take "donations" from people.

Octomom, is an epic fail. What she needs to realize is that her monthly check is already a donation and she does not need to request more. If you cant afford them all on your own, give them up for adoption.
Usage: I wish I could be like octo-mom. A fat lazy chick, that gets on tv, and gets all kinds of free money, and donations, and has never had to work a day in her life.
Posted by drewber on August 5, 2009 at 09:07:34 Pacific


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You never heard of ANWFO (and what the f--- off...and ? OFF! bugs)? dude its so cool...let US self-induced skit-zos.B (i)Like those wise guys Seein-endz and Fox-Mox'd the Max-Fax (way too much of a preview from the both of you Guys disguised the guys from each other guys, now you ruined the story of anything and everything under our sun, SON!!!)

Wailp, base-ically yuh gotchure Big Brother "I'm gon tail ur mother ass as long as you 'till you go, give me another n'till urSelf its oK", your Uncle Sam "be a man, men, grow up lots of sum-balls&eat-chyure finished-urHam, time to go to winWar again and again (to loop-verb) it out of our SystemsStructures again"... your Uncle Tom, who always seems to recall himself telling that good joke one time, only it was someone else in the family (and he always wore a white T and did cheesy thumbs ups) and the whole Family just doesn't wanna break his heart...CEOinternet remixers are music remixers and killer not-see people too, and... Mi-dog...MI-dog...MY-dog, talkin about that Octave-Mom hey-heh?! can sure be a total bitch sometimes but she sure gives you that tough love...tough like "well, structureSun if you give me a 'payment protection plan' on my iPodula then I plan on protecting my payments, breaking it at the right times everytime and 'I-break-YOU-buy-this-time-'till-u-buy-bye-mom-time-to-leave-the-mother's-nest-for-real-this-time'" Dad is God, dont piss him off too bad - and he'll be cool with U in the end if you're cool with Him by then. He's really a good man at heart, even tho he sometimes doesnt talk much, but when he does say something its really important or funny in an enlightening way. and he makes Octomom, and sometimes us all look like lil bitches...and gets frustrated with us sometimes and it stings US All. Oh and we can't forget that long lost uncle Max the terrorist, no one talks about him. He did someone too wrong to someone right back in the day and who knows what he's been up to now other than getting lost somewhere else while we're not doing 2bad(s) over here. Mother Nature is Gram-maw...the babies love her for some 'if-only-babies-could-talk' reason, their love is for Her is tragically lost and refound late in the game as they become a mother of nature themselves. Story goes, get over it, cry me A Perfect River so at least those lil nano Wii-Phi-ratios-are-better-cuz-self-nano-er-ism-is-and-always-has-been-evolutionarily-trend-forever-bugs. They'll get the river one day. maybe they can find away to mastermind it all and all sing together in perfect insect rythmic-harmony and harmonic-rythmic genius with soul...and one day do some Space Jammin. But they gonna need our help if they want any soul at all, they're so robotic, them damn stupid evolution virus bugs.

(lets all practice in REVERSE archeology... you don't even need a degree...plant seeds of thought, call it sorry-I-dropped-a-worm-apple, cant remember-where, but-dont-scratch-the-trippy-blue-lights stupid bugs! A lil bit of Father Poly and Octomom is in all of us in our Happy Family Reunions are boring. Heaven and Hell are like the same thing: infinite resources & no need to compete, but greedy sides with greedy and meek sides with meek and they dont need to see each other anymore. Planet Earth...the struggling Neutral where its at Yall! Hey Middle America...did that comfortably numb you enough back to the real side? or did that awaken your hatred of your very own mii-ball-and-chain-not-a-caged-man-nu-spk love?...are you gonna rebel just to turn into your lame parents later in life? are you gonna re-bell Pavlov the petting mii softly forever? ANWFO's really just another big Uncle Sam scam-proproganda only this time you found out Uncle Sam can still git it pretty wicked sometimes dude.
Posted by Woah da Baby on September 1, 2009 at 21:30:48 Pacific


Definition: OctoMom (also written as Octomom or Octo Mom) is a nickname for Nadya Suleman that was created by the media in 2009. Suleman made international headlines after giving birth to octuplets in January 2009 through IVF treatments. Nadya Suleman is a divorced and jobless woman living at home with her mother and six previous children that were also conceived through IVF treatments.
Usage: Wow, with her big lips, dark long hair, eight tattoos and multiple progeny, OctoMom resembles Angelina Jolie...not. Despite any obvious resemblances, OctoMom does not refer to a tentacled nemesis of Godzilla that threatens civilization with dirty diapers, 911 calls for missing spawn and appearances on the Dr. Phil and Good Morning America TV shows.
Posted by Radix-64 on April 28, 2009 at 08:26:52 Pacific

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