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What is a Geek Dictionary? Computing.Net's Geek Dictionary is a dictionary built by the users. Feel free to search around or, if you dare, add definitions!

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Definition: A phenomenon where internet users intend on typing or looking something up, but ends up typing/looking up something else.
Usage: I was trying to search up the Vice News Website, but I somehow typed and searched the results for YouTube. This case of Cyberputceterigia puzzles me...
Posted by Olujimi on 00:03:31 3/29/15
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Definition: beefknees, a creature who seeks attention and does so by having hair over the eyes, black make up, and exposing their freshly cut wrists without a trigger warning
Usage: hey, you're such an beefknees with all that eyeliner
Posted by whaleybby on 11:41:15 3/06/15
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Definition: emo is a style of music. yet it is used as a label to label people that dye their hair, cut themselves, and wear all black. that is not what emo is. so how about u step up to the base and stand up against stereotyping it and labeling it instead of falling to pressure and joining the crowd who labels, stereotypes, and bullys these so called "emos"
Usage: emo is a genre of music
Posted by kj4444 on 13:23:32 3/02/15
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Definition: A scary place where geeks intermingle with regular people. They argue about the mysterious underground language of geek terms.
Usage: I don't know what this term on the forum means. I'll have to check out the geek dictionary.
Posted by Justin Weber on 07:15:03 4/14/09
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