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What is a Geek Dictionary? Computing.Net's Geek Dictionary is a dictionary built by the users. Feel free to search around or, if you dare, add definitions!

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Definition: A person who is a softy. Usually someone who is sensitive on the inside but likes to hide it with a tough exterior.
Usage: You act all tough, but you're really just a marshmallow.
Posted by cordovalaska on 22:03:58 9/21/16
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Definition: Hmm emo its whatever you want it to be stereotypes music emotional people we all got are own opinions hmm but to me it can be just a person in pain don't gotta cut your self don't gotta wear dark colors where all emo in some way we all have felt pain
Usage: Where all the same we have all felt pain and loss now .. Rise my emos
Posted by iansmith on 01:12:37 6/08/16
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Definition: A muffin smashed onto the end of someone's dick, for their partner to eat off.
Usage: My girlfriend ate my cock muffin
Posted by infinite.on.high on 15:46:25 4/24/16
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Definition: A scary place where geeks intermingle with regular people. They argue about the mysterious underground language of geek terms.
Usage: I don't know what this term on the forum means. I'll have to check out the geek dictionary.
Posted by Justin Weber on 07:15:03 4/14/09
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