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What is a Geek Dictionary? Computing.Net's Geek Dictionary is a dictionary built by the users. Feel free to search around or, if you dare, add definitions!

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Definition: Emotionally depressed people. They don't necessarily wear punk clothing, that's just for some emos. Some emos are really friendly and can always consult you about your troubles in a third person point of view, except that they are actually pretty negative themselves.
I guess every emo is slightly different in their own way. Some tend to be especially quiet and sit in a corner reading or drawing and minding their own business.
Some are straightforward and tell you exactly how they feel about you. I'm an emo myself and I simply fail to understand people who thinks that they're hot s---.
I can't see the bright side of life like most can. What's the point? You live such a short life and in the end you would be dead anyway. If there's a heaven, I hope life can be more meaningful there.
I don't mind being a background character, I don't mind if I don't have many friends, but I can't stand people who hate me. I try to treat them better, but honestly, they should just go to hell. I rarely get bullied physically because I have a tendency to literally kick those kind of people in the ass. It only helps to create to pathway to antisocial-ness and I get more verbally bullied than ever.
P.S For those who think that emos sucks, you guys are just f***ing as*****s
Usage: Whisper: Hey, that's the emo dude
Posted by Annabeque on 01:54:50 8/22/14
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Definition: Short for Picture
Usage: Send me a pic of your computer
Posted by GrenadeKingUK on 09:57:25 8/05/14
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Definition: Emo is a word that comes from the word emotional. Things mostly teens go through when they cannot control their own emotions.
Usage: Yes I am emo and yes I can't stand this world. Emo people are people who think this world is a cruel hatred please wear there is only people who are all walking lies. Yes I seen someone die in front of me and I lost a lot of people who are dear to me. Yes I almost experienced death three times by overdosing and cut myself but it helps with relieve the pain I feel inside. Even though we are emo that doesn't mean all we do is sit around and cut Ourselves we have friends and yes we go places.
Posted by Deathlover on 20:25:12 8/04/14
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Definition: A scary place where geeks intermingle with regular people. They argue about the mysterious underground language of geek terms.
Usage: I don't know what this term on the forum means. I'll have to check out the geek dictionary.
Posted by Justin Weber on 07:15:03 4/14/09
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