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What is a Geek Dictionary? Computing.Net's Geek Dictionary is a dictionary built by the users. Feel free to search around or, if you dare, add definitions!

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Definition: Abbreviation for league of legends. League of legends is a popular MOBA game which originated from the wc3 map dots allstars
Usage: Do you play LoL? "yes I play LoL"
Posted by jamalie4 on 01:49:59 6/25/14
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Definition: An eGeek is someone who loves electronics and especially personal / consumer electronics and is very passionate about them. An eGeek needs their electronic devices to get through life.
Usage: My brother is a complete eGeek, he needs his electronic devices to function and get through life.
Posted by AlphaEgeek on 17:33:37 4/30/14
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Definition: hurting gigas
Usage: i just gigahurt that giga.
Posted by philooooooo on 11:46:06 4/29/14
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Definition: A scary place where geeks intermingle with regular people. They argue about the mysterious underground language of geek terms.
Usage: I don't know what this term on the forum means. I'll have to check out the geek dictionary.
Posted by Justin Weber on 07:15:03 4/14/09
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