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What is a Geek Dictionary? Computing.Net's Geek Dictionary is a dictionary built by the users. Feel free to search around or, if you dare, add definitions!

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Definition: When nick levels cause he is mad
Usage: Nick just rage quit hahaha xDD lol
Posted by XxX_Kushlord420_XxX on 22:07:36 11/12/15
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Definition: Of a word or publication; something that utilizes specialized language and descriptions of a system or technology in order to inform the reader on how to use and/or repair said system or technology.
Usage: "That technical manual has too many diagrams and charts for me to understand."
Posted by OLDISGOOD on 16:04:08 10/05/15
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Definition: A subterranean creature with a pointed muzzle that utilizes human garbage material for a variety of common uses.
Usage: "I saw a Womble out on the common the other day, picking up trash!"
Posted by OLDISGOOD on 16:01:48 10/05/15
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Definition: A scary place where geeks intermingle with regular people. They argue about the mysterious underground language of geek terms.
Usage: I don't know what this term on the forum means. I'll have to check out the geek dictionary.
Posted by Justin Weber on 07:15:03 4/14/09
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